Exam Results of ESF Students

ESF schools continue to achieve outstanding results in examinations. Over the summer, we are celebrating excellent International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma, IB Career-related Programme (IBCP), BTEC, IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) and GCSE/IGCSE results.

IB Diploma

We’ve invited SIX of them to spill the tea on their secrets to success – meet Cedric Poon from ESF Renaissance College Hong Kong, Anneka Leung, Aaron Lee, and Kadence Wong from ESF Sha Tin College, Ady Lam from ESF Island School, and Vianca Ng from ESF King George V School. Don’t miss out on hearing from these incredible students!

ESF is proud to announce another year of excellent IB Diploma results.

In 2023, a total of 844 students (98.0%) across ESF secondary schools were awarded the IB Diploma with 36.1 points as the average points per student. As the IB worldwide average is 79%* with an average of 30.2 points per student, these are impressive achievements.

ESF Results
(Updated: 6 July 2023)
Worldwide Results
May 2023May 2022May 2021May 2020May 2019May 2022
% of students achieving the IB Diploma98.0%99.2%99.3%99.7%97.3%86.1%
Mean points for IB Diploma students36.138.138.93735.832.0
% of students achieving 40+ IB Diploma points31.2%47.6%50.1%33.2%26.7%14.4%
% of students achieving 35+ IB Diploma points63.5%75.9%82.8%70.4%61.3%38%
% of students achieving 30+ IB Diploma points88.5%92.8%97.2%93.8%89.3%66%
Mean grade for all subjects (7 is the highest grade)5.625.956.085.785.605.1

*Data: Tes

Specialised Programmes

In 2022, 96 Year 13 students from King George V School, Island School, Renaissance College, Discovery College, Sha Tin College, South Island School and West Island School successfully completed the specialised programmes.

These students followed personalised pathways leading to the Business and Technology Education Council (BTEC) award with a combination of either IB Diploma Programme courses (IBDP) and the IB Career-related Programme (IBCP) core subjects or as a stand-alone programme.

For the BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma, 63% of entries were awarded a distinction or above and 85% at merit or above. For the BTEC Level 3 Diploma, 84% of entries were awarded a double distinction or above and 93% at double merit or above, and for the BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma, 100% of entries were awarded a triple distinction or above.


IB Middle Years Programme (MYP)

2022 is the 14th year that Year 11 students at Renaissance College have completed the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme and the 11th year for Discovery College students.

Assessment is criterion-based with schools setting their own subject assessment tasks that are marked internally. Students also complete a Personal Project that is marked internally and then externally moderated and validated by the IBO. The 2022 results for both schools are again very strong. Highlights include:

  • The mean grade per subject is 5.7 points. This figure compares favourably to the worldwide mean of 4.7.
  • The mean number of total points per student is 52.2 points out of a maximum possible score of 63 points (if all eight subjects and the Personal Project are included).



In 2022, Year 11 students from King George V School, Island School, Sha Tin College, South Island School and West Island School completed the International General Certificate of Education (IGCSE) and the UK-based General Certificate of Education (GCSE) programmes. Excellent results were achieved again in 2022 as illustrated in the table below.

20222021202020192018UK average (June 2022)
For exams using the A*-G system
For exams using the 9 to 1 system^
9 to 773%69%71%65%59%26%
9 to 497%97%99%95%97%73%

^This is the fifth year that ESF students have had (I)GCSE examinations graded using both the ‘A*-G’ or ‘9 to 1’ grading systems.

Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE), which administers all A*-G graded examinations taken by ESF students, do not provide statistical data for all subjects combined.


Individual achievements

We are pleased with the individual achievements of students in our Learning Support Centres (LSCs). Students took a range of external qualifications appropriate to their needs. These include: BTEC awards, (I)GCSEs, Edexcel Entry Level awards and the ASDAN Personal Development Programme awards.

Last update: 5 September 2022